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Yoga & Reiki

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Yin Yoga

Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of most Vinyasa yoga classes that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Also fantastic for athletes as flexibility and range of motion is increased by releasing tension in the fascia, while lubricating joint tissues. Yin Yoga generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.

While initially this style of yoga can seem quite passive or soft, yin practice can be quite challenging due to the long duration of the poses. We can remain in the postures anywhere from three to five minutes! really know what Yin Yoga is all about. 

I combine Reiki energy healing (certified level II) with yin yoga so while you are in the 3-5 minute poses, I come around and place my hands on your upper or lower back and shoulders to provide you with some extra energy. I had a student describe this experience as "chicken soup for the soul," it's simply beautiful and relaxing universal energy. Often essential oils are used and I like to incorporate crystals which I get the students to choose for themselves before class begins, and I explain to each student the properties of the crystal and the energy they've chosen for that day.


Vinyasa Slow Flow

Slow flow is similar to Vinyasa yoga in that it helps create a strong connection with the breath and poses are strung seamlessly together to target the whole body. The class feels like one long free-flowing pose, much like a moving meditation. This helps to not only create balanced strength and flexibility but also has a powerful calming effect on the nervous system inducing a feeling of deep relaxation. Don't be fooled though, the slowness means poses are held for longer and the intensity will build strength and balance over time.

Slow flow classes help students improve balance, core strength and agility. Don't let the "slow" part fool you! It can be more of an intense workout because spend more time in each yoga pose, engaging and focussing your energy. I always encourage students to listen to their bodies, and to challenge themselves when it's right for them, and to soften their practice when it's right for them at that time.


Kids Yoga

For children's stress-relief, aiding in concentration, wellbeing and self-expression. Unlike many other yoga programs which simply scale adult practices down into child-size pieces, we build each practice from the ground up, creating an exclusively child-based yoga practice and giving children the sometimes rare opportunity to just be kids within the context of yoga asana and meditation through creative storytelling.

Let us help your child develop flexibility, focus, and coordination for a happy, healthy, balanced life.


Reiki Energy Healing

I practice Reiki Energy Healing using the Usui method from Japan. Reiki energy is universal life force energy, channelled through me (but not from me!) I'm intuitively guided as I place my hands on different parts of my client's body, from head to toe. I call Reiki an "energetic detox" as the energy goes to wherever it is needed, to flush out and bring new energy into parts of the body which have either energetic, emotional or physical blocks - quite often emotional blocks or stagnant energy manifests itself as a physical illness or injury. So Reiki allows energy to flow to those places and renew the client's energetic frequency.

A Reiki session is one hour (it can always be extended on the client's request) and I allocate an extra 20 minutes for debrief, so 1.5 hours total to be safe. Often clients experience warmth generated from my hands, or other pleasant sensations. I've had clients see colours in their mind's eye, or feel the presence of a loved one who has passed. Sometimes clients will feel "hands" on different places on their body (for instance, I have my hands cupped under the head and they also feel warmth and touch at their feet.) This is because I ask for the client's guides and my own guides to assist me with the session (nothing to be nervous about as everyone present is their for my client's highest good and healing! 

Reiki "detox" works as other detoxes do in the way of bringing things up to the surface to then released. This is a natural process and clients often feel an overarching sense of peace, ease and rejuvenation following a Reiki session, while for some who have particularly stagnant old emotions stored in their body, Reiki might help those emotions arise and be present for them to work through. I encourage journalling and meditation in the day following a Reiki session to continue working with the emotions. If possible, taking it easy in the hours following a Reiki session is best to keep in tune with the elevated frequency. Reiki is a powerful yet gentle tool for rebalancing, feeling at peace, and letting go of any old blockages in the body be it emotional, energetic or physical. 

Reiki Treatment
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The Story

Yin Yoga
& Reiki Energy Healing

Chelsea Joy Yoga & Wellbeing began in 2016 when, shortly after finishing a master's degree in Australia, I discovered a passion for supporting the mental and physical wellness of men, women and children in a holistic way.

Seven years of teaching Yin and Vinyasa yoga in Perth, Sydney and London allowed me to engage with unique individuals including young adults with disabilities, women's community programs, primary school children, corporate businesspeople, the Qantas lounge and even at a reintegration centre for prisoners about to be released back into society. 

The primary intention of my classes is for people to find peace, clarity and empowerment through movement and energy healing in a safe, zero-judgement environment. Each class has its own theme, for example in women's classes I love to invite ladies to connect with their own divine feminine in a flowing style, while for children's classes often calming and self-awareness are paramount. Men's classes are often about bringing in healthy masculine warrior energy culminating in the final soft stretching of Yin yoga (with Reiki, of course!) 


  • 200 hour teacher training from Yandara Yoga School, 2016

  • Yoga Alliance Certified

  • Reiki Level I & II certified, National Code no. 52695WA

Travel Energetics &
Renegade Relics Jewellery

How do you fit in, and what makes you feel ‘home’? As an Irish-Spanish-Native American-German mixed blooded woman raised all over the states, Latin America and Australia, these questions always captivated me. The moment I could walk, my nomadic mother whisked me away in a Westfalia camper van for a three-year excursion driving from California, down the Yucatán Peninsula, through the jungles of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.


These absolutely crazy, unconventional formative years were spent barefoot climbing ancient ruins, relieving myself in travel toddler potties, and dancing with indigenous Mayan children around Lake Atitlán. It deeply influenced my outlook on life to this day: how unequivocally freeing and nourishing it feels to head-first dive into the world, immersing yourself in rich cultures and engaging with fascinating people. 

The travel bug stays with me, typically moving cities or countries every couple of years. Why do I now live between Sydney and London? Well, London is RIGHT on my Travel Energetics ‘Sun Line,’ enhancing self-esteem, recognition and giving you a shining feeling. Sydney is right on my "Jupiter Line," enhancing good fortune, opportunity and ease of life! I love helping people find where they are best suited in the world with the help of Travel Energetics, essentially travel astrology which combines astrocartography and the natal (birth) chart! With the help of the client's time and place of birth, I can get a full picture of where the best energies are waiting for them. This includes where they're most likely to feel inspired, find love, regain personal freedom, and feel lighter and happier. There's nothing more powerful than awareness!

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