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The Story


I founded Chelsea Joy Yoga & Wellbeing in 2016 when, after finishing a professional master's degree in Australia, I discovered a passion for yoga and the way it supports the mental and physical wellness of men, women and children in a beautifully holistic way.

Five years of experience teaching Yin and Vinyasa yoga in Perth, Sydney and London gave me immense experience working with an array of unique individuals including young adults with disabilities, women's community programs, primary school classes, corporate sessions, at a reintegration centre for prisoners about to be released back into society, and for Qantas for their business class passengers pre-flight.

The primary intention of my classes is for people to find peace, clarity and empowerment through movement in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Each class has its own intention and theme, however for the women's classes I like to invite a practice of connecting with the divine feminine in a flowing style, for the children's classes the focus is on calming and self-awareness, and for men's classes I like to bring in warrior energy balanced with the final softening stretching of Yin yoga.  

Travel Energetics &
Renegade Relics Jewellery

How do you fit in, and what makes you feel ‘home’? As an Irish-Spanish-Native American-German mixed blooded woman raised all over the states, Latin America and Australia, these questions always captivate me. The moment I could walk, my nomadic mother whisked me away in a Westfalia camper van for a three-year excursion driving from California, down the Yucatán Peninsula, through the jungles of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, and back up again.


These absolutely crazy, unconventional formative years were spent barefoot climbing ancient ruins, relieving myself in travel toddler potties, and dancing with indigenous Mayan children around Lake Atitlán. It deeply influenced my outlook on life to this day: how unequivocally freeing and nourishing it feels to head-first dive into the world, immersing yourself in its rich cultures and engaging with its fascinating people. 

The travel bug stays with me, typically moving cities or countries every couple of years. So, I’ve channelled my passions into vocations I can undertake from anywhere in the world! California for the Sociology undergrad degree; Melbourne, Australia for master’s research in Biophilic Design; Perth for Yoga Teaching and Travel Astrology training (also called ‘Travel Energetics’); and Sydney for Yacht Stewardessing and working as an Executive Assistant for high-profile families. Then I found my love for helping businesses through working as a Freelance Writer/Editor, which has been a fantastic way to channel a wide scope of knowledge into a single pursuit.


Why do I now live between Sydney and London? Well, London is RIGHT on my Travel Energetics ‘Sun Line,’ enhancing self-esteem, recognition and giving you a shining feeling. Sydney is right on my "Jupiter Line," enhancing good fortune, opportunity and ease of life! It's been an amazing journey.


  • 200 hour teacher training from Yandara Yoga School, 2016

  • Yoga Alliance Certified

  • Reiki Level I & II certified, National Code no. 52695WA


Yoga Teaching & Workshop Experience

Yoga & Wellbeing Workshops facilitator (February 2017-2020)

  • Gosnells Women's Health and Wellbeing Services for disadvantaged women

  • Soul Sparkle Day Retreats 

  • Personal development and wellness workshops for private parties and corporate events focused on anxiety and stress prevention. Yin yoga, Reiki, wire-wrapped crystal pendant making classes 

Qantas Business Class lounge yoga instructor (March-October 2018)

  • Facilitation of simple yoga & stretches for Qantas Dreamliner business class passengers prior to flight boarding 

Corporate Vinyasa yoga teacher (July-October 2018) 

  • Bankwest on behalf of MoFloYoga Perth 

Vinyasa yoga for disabled adults & teens (April 2017-October 2018)

  • City of Gosnells Community Centre, Perth 

Reiki energy healing volunteer (April 2017-October 2018)

  • Solaris Cancer Care and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital 

Kids Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher: 6-16 years (December 2017-October 2018)

  • YogaZoo Kids Yoga 

Kids Vinyasa yoga teacher: Years 2-6 (May-July 2018)

  • Ardross Primary School 

Volunteer Vinyasa yoga teacher (April 2017-January 2018)

  • Wandoo Reintegration Centre, Perth 

Vinyasa, Yin & Kids' yoga teacher (July 2016-April 2018)

  • Chakra Angel, Perth