Chelsea Joy Yoga &
Wellbeing Workshops

Fun, creative and engaging yoga and wellness workshops for women and men available for private corporate events, women's groups, bridal parties, baby showers and more!

Workshop prices are $90 per person for all 2-3 hour workshops.

Core Clarity

  • The Core Clarity workshop allows you to reach your ultimate potential though peeling back your layers and discovering the subconscious beliefs and programming holding you back from manifesting absolute success in life. This workshop gives your self-esteem a revamp through awareness to create space for an expansive, joyful and meaningful life. This workshop is followed by a gentle and relaxing one hour ground-based Yin Yoga session for stretching, peace and calm.
    2 hours

Manifest Workshop

  • You can manifest anything you desire! Discover the wonderful art of affirmations and the Law of Attraction. You’ll learn how to shift your mindset to open space for abundance and techniques for harnessing the power of energy and intention to bring miracles into your life.  This is a powerful two hours that will change your life! Recommended to attend the Core Clarity workshop first to release blocks in order to shift old mindsets and patterns to open space for creating amazing affirmations.
    2 hours

Empower Energy: Crystal Pendants and mini crystal-properties course

  • Learn to wire-wrap your very own unique Renegade Relics crystal pendant that is yours to keep! You’ll learn about the properties of crystals and how they can better your life and home. Pendants retail at $50 so this workshop is a steal, and you get to take away amazing knowledge and a completely unique crystal pendant.
    2 hours

Surrender into Ease

  • Experience a yoga session unlike any other with Reiki assists while easing your body in relaxed Yin yoga for stretching, accompanied by essential oils and crystals. Then discover tools for a holistic approach to confidence-building, self-empowerment and stress reduction. This workshop is particularly beneficial for those living with anxiety, holding onto past traumas, or who experience general overwhelm in their lives and simply need a calm retreat from their daily lives.
    2 hours

Chakra Balance Course 

  • Based on my E-Book, you’ll delve into DIY-healing spending two hours learning about the seven major energy centres that govern our mental, emotional and physical bodies. You’ll gain a wealth of practical and esoteric knowledge on how to balance the chakras with methods such as crystal energy, pendulums, essential oils and foods. This course is half practice, half theory, and all a heap of fun!
    2 hours (3 hours with Chakra Yin Yoga session)

Connect to your Guides - Pendulum Workshop

  • Learn the amazing art of working with a pendulum to tune into your intuition and receive the answers you’re seeking! You’ll learn how to balance your chakras and those of your loved ones and use pendulum charts to connect with your guides and highest self. Plus receive valuable insight on spiritual protection and grounding. A magical workshop designed for those looking to increase their spiritual development!
    2 hours