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Crystal Chakra E-Book

In-depth 24 page Chakra Crash Course Guide outlining practical ways to balance your energy and ground yourself in so many fun and interesting ways!


Snippet from the Intro: Chakras are wheels of spinning energy within our bodies

that influence our thoughts, emotions and at times our

physical health. We each have seven major chakras running

from the base of the spine to the top of the head, and many

smaller ancillary chakras throughout the rest of the body.

The energy within our bodies is called Qi (pronounced ‘Chi’)

or Prana that translates to ‘Life force’ in English. The Prana is

funneled into the chakras via pathways called Meridians.

Think of these pathways as an energetic nervous system!

When our energy is depleted, or external factors trigger an

emotional response, this can cause our chakras to become

unbalanced. A good way to look at the chakras is as a

filtering system for environmental energy, and they can

become too open or closed depending on the situation...

  • Chakra Crash Course Guide Info

    Learn to balance your chakras with essential oils, crystals, foods, teas, massage, yoga, meditations and yoga!