I have been going to Chelsea's Sunday morning Yin Yoga sessions in Scarborough where she combines Yoga, Reiki, and Crystals. She puts in so much belief into her classes. Effort is one thing. Everyone that teaches Yoga has a passion for the practice but to have the unshakable, undeniable, true belief in everything that you are doing is rare. And Chelsea really does believe in everything she teaches at the classes and with a passion that makes her classes one of the most popular available to the studio. 

There are some days where going to a Yoga session feels forced. You go to Chelsea’s classes because you really want to experience her style and enthusiasm.

Darren Jorgensen

I attended Chelsea’s workshop with yoga/reiki, crystal pendant making and chakra pendulum clearing. I had an wonderful 3 hours and Chelsea is an absolute professional and beautiful lady. She’s very passionate about what she teaches and the 3 hours were a true reflection of this. I can’t wait to attend another one!! Thank you Chelsea and well done xxx

Elisa Levinson

We have a group of friends on our back lawn every fortnight and Chelsea comes to us and it’s always awesome. We’ve toned our bodies and relaxed our bodies along with our minds. Chelsea makes it fun and I’m not saying it’s easy. When she brings it she gets results, I've got results now my partner has joined in to get the toning and relaxation benefits.

Everyone leaves feeling renewed. It really is an overall good day once you’ve had a yoga class with Chelsea. Feeling enlightened and liberated.

Diane Mcpharlin

I join Chelsea's yin class every Sunday morning. It is a total bliss and the perfect start into a relaxing and balanced day. Her spirit and energy is inspiring and uplifting. Chelsea has great knowledge about crystals and is always happy to share it and answer follow up questions. She applies Reiki throughout the class, which is amazing. I am really grateful for every class I join.

Sandra Held

I have been attending yoga classes with a bunch of friends, we are all beginners, Chelsea has been amazing with us! Very patient. I leave every class feeling so content and relaxed, her presence is so calming, overall great person and a great experience

Kristy Jenyns

Chelsea is such a beautiful person! Her yin class is my favourite start to my Sundays. She has such a wonderful energy and her Reiki can only be described as a big warm hug for the soul.

Alyssa & Ben