“I highly recommend Larrikin Travel and Chelsea. My report was mind-blowing, life-changing and illuminating! I would suggest everyone has this done, it is an incredible way to learn and understand yourself and the relationships you have with other souls.

My report has helped me to understand my life purpose, why I was born where I was, why certain people are in my life, what my life experiences have needed to teach me why I’m so drawn to certain places, why I have felt the way I have when traveling to certain places, what the next steps on my life journey are, and it has also given me a map of where I can go to master each area of my life! Along with now knowing the best places to travel for each purpose in my life, I also know where I should be more vigilant and where I can relax.

Chelsea is incredibly dedicated and thorough, highly knowledgeable and an absolute wealth of information. She helps you to fully understand your report and what it means for you. The consultation you receive helps you to go deep into the information and be able to put it into practice in your life. Chelsea is highly professional and covers every aspect, explaining exactly how you can make the most of the energies. It was wonderful to work with Chelsea and Larrikin Travel.”

Hannah May Shale Gardiner

“I loved the travel energetics report Chelsea put together for me and my partner and was impressed by the detail and effort she put into the reports. I really appreciated the time she spent with us, giving even more insights. It was so interesting to see the differences and similarities in the two reports, we can’t wait to start planning our future trips!”

L i s a

“I was surprised not only by the level of detail illustrated in the report and subsequent consultation carried out by Chelsea, but also by the accuracy of the feedback relating to the places that I have travelled to thus far. I have drawn up my first 10 destinations that I will be visiting once permitted and have already put an order in for my Dad’s retirement gift for later this year.”

S t e v e


“When Chelsea gave me my travel report I couldn’t wait to travel again! Chelsea will help you plan a unique holiday experience, guiding you to places that will take a piece of your heart and creating memories that will last a lifetime. If you love travel you’ve got to talk to Chelsea!”



“Chelsea went above and beyond to create an amazingly detailed Travel Energetics Report for me! I now know why I love Germany as much as I do, and why where I live can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. It has really given me some fantastic ideas for travel. I can’t wait to book my trip with her! Cannot recommend highly enough!”