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Travel Energetics Reports

Discover your energetic chemistry with global destinations using Travel Astrology to find happiness, peace and success!



As if all of a sudden you feel this deep sense of feeling at home, at peace. This newfound feeling makes your confidence shine as if the sun were beaming right down on you. This effect makes you feel a certain part of your personality is brought to the surface after being dormant, or perhaps fully locked away your entire life!


Certain places around the globe have the power to energetically unlock positive and amazing aspects of yourself, and it’s all due to the energetic chemistry these places have exclusively for YOU!


Similar to a typical astrology reading, you provide to us your time/date/place of birth. We then uncover dozens of your ultimate global hotspots which are unique to you and no one else! We also unsheathe your more challenging energetic places around the world so you know where to avoid in future!


Relocating offers spiritual development, love, expansiveness, focus in career, health, and healing so the Travel Energetics reports allow you to completely understand the energies different places around the world hold for you.


Full Travel Energetics Reports take between 7-8 hours to curate as they are quite complex, and no two reports are the same which makes our work very interesting!


In addition to relocation, Travel Energetics reports are also useful for holidays as the information can inform you, for instance, where would be best to book your honeymoon (along your Venus line) or relocate to start a family (Moon line.) It can also provide insight into past-lives, and many more things! The information is truly comprehensive and it lasts for your whole life!

Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”
– JP Morgan, America’s first billionaire

Traveling Couple


Feel free to provide your details in the form at the bottom of the page, and we'll email you confirmation of your request. You need to provide your birth time within 30 minutes for the highest accuracy.

The Full Report: This in-depth report of up to 40 pages contains the detailed explanation of what each planetary line means, full-colour maps and information on each of your beneficial and challenging hotspots and how they impact you on a psychological and experiential level – what feelings are likely to be brought out there and the experiences you're likely to have – and additional beneficial or challenging global destinations. The full report is beautiful in its design so looks great when bound as a conversation-starting coffee table book or special gift!


With the Full Report, you also receive a two hour Zoom or Facebook Video consultation so you feel complete clarity and can ask any questions.


Please click the "sample report" at the bottom of the page to see an idea of what these reports look like.

*For comprehensive guidance on relocating to a specific place or deciding where in the world to move for happiness and success, or for conscious travel decisions for the rest of your life, the full report is definitely recommended. 

Full Report Investment: $400 USD

The Mini Report: This short report is a “taster” version of the full report. If a client asks "I need to know where to relocate in order to find love?," or "I haven't had great experiences living where I am now, where can I go to which would make life easier for me and where I will feel better?"


In the Mini Report, you are provided with details of the energy pattern you have in your current place, and THREE individual places where you can relocate to which carry the energy of either 1) love 2) luck 3) general happiness OR 4) work & business success.


*For relocations and an in-depth analysis of how every one of your 49 planetary lines will impact you psychologically, the full report is encouraged.* 

When buying the Mini Report, you automatically receive 25% off the full report when you're ready down the line!

Mini Report Investment: $140 USD


Click to download a full report sample!

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Click to download a mini report sample!

Travel Energetics Astrocartography Report
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